Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Yearly Totals:

Running: 2726.83km (228:48:36)
Cycling: 1228.26km (52:08:02)
Strength: 15:46:34
Hiking: 9.69km
Kayaking: 3.2km

440 more km run than in 2012
529 less km ridden than in 2012
16hrs less strength work than 2012

Set PR's across each distance;

5km: 18:56
10km: 39:00
City2Surf: 59:19
Half Marathon: 1:28:27
Marathon: 3:10:04

Just looked back at my goals for 2013 and realised I did not accomplish any of them. Funnily enough not that concerned. Would have been nice, but these things happen. 2014 will be hard to train well with a new full time job that involves shift work and a lot of stress.

Will be happy to run without major injury and set more PR's. Would love to go under 3hrs in the marathon.