Friday, May 31, 2013


Deadlift 5x5 70kg
Bench press 3x6 50kg

Core circuit: 1min holds x 1 bike, plank, leg ext, side planks (30 each side), bird dog, supine plank (40sec)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

24km Cycle

Distance:24.03 km
Avg Speed:25.7 km/h
Elevation Gain:191 m

Good to be out on the road. Leg aches all the time. have to stay away from hills as I can't put any force through my left lower limb. Amazing how some exercise can refresh the mind and body - at least for a few hours.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Deadlifts: 5x5 70kg
Bench Press: 3x5 50kg

Core circuit: 1 x 45s

Feel shit - think I'm coming down with something.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Deadlift: 5x5 70kg
Bench: 3x5 50kg

Core Circuit: 3x45s Bike, Plank, Leg ext, Side plank, bird dog, supine plank.

Stress Fracture

MRI yesterday, fibula stress fracture. Basically the worst case scenario I had predicted. It is the most painful injury I have had by far. Cant even ride the bike at the moment.

It is embarrassing that I cant handle hard running. Seemed to be able to hold 80+km weeks ok with no real hard stuff, but as soon as I want to train fast it comes crumbling down. I've always known the biomechanics are shit, but had hoped for more.

I feel like if I am to get to Sydney marathon it will have to be with lots of easy running, a little bit of tempo work and then maybe some speed right at the end. Maybe just one workout a week and the rest easy. Am thinking I might even try out the Alter G at Spectrum in a couple of weeks so I can at least run weekly. Not sure yet. Will get a full biomechanical analysis done, and will probably get orthotics (which I should have done three months ago).

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Deadlift: 5x6 60kg
Bench Press: 3x6 50kg

Core circuit: 45s x 2

Have been to Spectrum. MRI tomorrow - hopefully know whats happening by the end of the day.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Core circuit:

Modified bike, plank, leg extension, side plank, modified bird dog, supine plank (45secs each, 2 sets w/1min rest)


Deadlift: 4x6 60kg
Bench: 1x8 40kg, 2x8 50kg

Easing back into it after about three months of no strength training.

Leg is painful. Saw Leigh at spectrum yesterday, very light massage - a lot of needling, but very light acupuncture style. Some improvement following that, but still not able to walk and extremely painful to touch. Back there on Thursday and maybe Saturday.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SMH Half Marathon

Distance:21.10 km
Avg Pace:4:17 min/km

Had a crack and didn't make it. 90:29

Was apprehensive after a 3k run yesterday where the discomfort in my lower leg was apparent from the start. Was on track at the 10k point to go around 87mins, but fell apart badly - I'm wondering how much the injury contributed to the feeling of having nothing in the tank. It wasn't just like I was in pain, it was like I'd hit the wall. All I can think is that I became so inefficient in my form that I had to dig deep into the reserves - either that, or I overestimated where I was at.

Still a 3min improvement on last years race and a PB. Frustrating knowing I should have been able to go better looking at some of the training I've done. I did a 28k long run at 4:30 pace a few weeks ago - and was struggling to hang on at 4:24 for the second 10k! Lost 150 places in the second half. Terrible.

Running certainly gave it to me in the bum hole today. Brutalised.

Massive effort by Robbie Neill to get 11th spot in 71:28, JB 25th in 74:29, RT Ross 47th 77:25 (chest infection) and Tiges 78th in 79:43 - (I think joanna beat me today too 90:07?

Next year.



Saturday, May 18, 2013

3km Shake Out

Distance:3.00 km
Avg Pace:4:22 min/km
Elevation Gain:36 m

Ouch. Tried to beat the leg into submission. Worst I've ever felt for a race. Feeling really unco-ordinated. Hopefully adrenaline (and ibuprofen) gets me across the line.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

20km Cycle

Distance:20.20 km
Avg Speed:27.5 km/h
Elevation Gain:142 m

Physio yesterday. Most likely a neural/compartment syndrome thing where the muscle is constantly on and the fascia is inflamed/tight. Most likely due to tight hip flexors and lack of hip extension. Ankle mobility ok, calf strength and flexibility ok, have to work on loosening up the hip flexors.

Riding: still, despite new shoes, am getting tingly toes.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

15km Cycle

Distance:15.30 km
Avg Speed:25.9 km/h
Elevation Gain:161 m

New carbon fibre shoes, hopefully resolve the foot issues. Toes were tingling but I think they were just really cold.

Seeing physio today for an opinion on the leg.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

3x2km w/2min recovery

Distance:10.00 km
Avg Pace:4:40 min/km
Elevation Gain:40 m

7:20.9 (3:40min/km)
7:27.6 (3:44min/km)
7:27.6 (3:44min/km)

Left calf stil problematic. Cut short the cool down because I was limping through it. Crap sleep - up since around 3:30am have a panic attack about a possible fibula stress fracture. Stupid.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

9km Aerobic Base

Distance:9.05 km
Avg Pace:5:10 min/km
Elevation Gain:264 m

Kurrajong Heights. Leg still a bit angry, don't seem to have that constant ache that I had before. Hip flexor tight.

Very nice trail up there, too hilly for the most part though. Couple of degrees cooler too. Found my singlet that I lost up there over two months ago - its a little dirty.

Better in person. Burralow Rd

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

7x2min (1min recovery) + 20min effort

Distance:16.51 km
Avg Pace:4:33 min/km
Elevation Gain:156 m

East Kurrajong Rd. Held 4:12 pace for the 20mins which is basically all uphill. Saw Runners Tribe Ross out, haven't seen him around for ages.

Calf sucks. Had acupuncture yesterday and hasn't really done much. Tiger massage today. That will make the 4th massage in a week and a half plus acupuncture. Jesus.

Super foggy out there but that lifted after a while. Out before the sun was up, unusual for me. Had planned to run the dirt road at Colo, but didn't have time for the drive.

Monday, May 6, 2013

24km Long Run

Distance:24.01 km
Avg Pace:5:01 min/km
Elevation Gain:577 m

Rest day yesterday to get some recovery from Saturdays 10k. Went out to the Colo River to hit up the dirt road there. Cold morning - was 5.1degrees in Richmond at 6:54 so it was at least that if not cooler. This is the go to dirt road I think for long runs. 20 mins drive from home and was able to manage 23k on rolling dirt roads, mostly pretty smooth, didn't run the 'big' hill.

Colo River
Today I went down another section that I hadn't been down before which adds a couple of k's that I hadn't seen before. The only people I saw were the guys who are re-grading the road and that was after about 1.5hrs running, couple of dogs had a bark but nothing to worry about.

Legs tight. Calf was ok once I got going, aching still. Hip flexors tightened up a fair amount. Wore the Pegasus which are no good after an hour. Good run though.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Distance:10.00 km
Avg Pace:3:54 min/km
Elevation Gain:73 m

Wasn't feeling as great as I would have hoped. Have been a touch flat during this week and the calf has bugged me. Got in and tried to the best I could, calf felt pretty much fine whilst running.

Got back a bit too far at the start - I have to learn to push up closer to the front. Felt a little trapped and knew I was behind slower runners. Went through half way at 19:36 - so managed a negative split by 6 seconds.

Looking at the splits, despite being off a bit (partly garmin inaccuracy, partly cos I ran a pretty wide line) I'm actually pretty pleased because they are pretty damn even, apart from the first.

In terms of official PR's its a 7:05min reduction from 2010. This being my first official 10k since then. Am super impressed by anyone that runs faster than me and somewhat envious. Tonnes of work to do.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

40min w/5x1min (1)

Distance:8.39 km
Avg Pace:4:46 min/km
Elevation Gain:111 m

Not feeling great after a heavy massage by the Irish dancer and some needles. Hopefully will freshen with tomorrows rest day.

Some soreness up around the top of the tibia like I had back in december.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

6km Recovery

Distance:6.03 km
Avg Pace:5:37 min/km
Elevation Gain:137 m

Going to have to get the calf needled again.