Saturday, May 25, 2013


Deadlift: 5x5 70kg
Bench: 3x5 50kg

Core Circuit: 3x45s Bike, Plank, Leg ext, Side plank, bird dog, supine plank.

Stress Fracture

MRI yesterday, fibula stress fracture. Basically the worst case scenario I had predicted. It is the most painful injury I have had by far. Cant even ride the bike at the moment.

It is embarrassing that I cant handle hard running. Seemed to be able to hold 80+km weeks ok with no real hard stuff, but as soon as I want to train fast it comes crumbling down. I've always known the biomechanics are shit, but had hoped for more.

I feel like if I am to get to Sydney marathon it will have to be with lots of easy running, a little bit of tempo work and then maybe some speed right at the end. Maybe just one workout a week and the rest easy. Am thinking I might even try out the Alter G at Spectrum in a couple of weeks so I can at least run weekly. Not sure yet. Will get a full biomechanical analysis done, and will probably get orthotics (which I should have done three months ago).