Sunday, May 19, 2013

SMH Half Marathon

Distance:21.10 km
Avg Pace:4:17 min/km

Had a crack and didn't make it. 90:29

Was apprehensive after a 3k run yesterday where the discomfort in my lower leg was apparent from the start. Was on track at the 10k point to go around 87mins, but fell apart badly - I'm wondering how much the injury contributed to the feeling of having nothing in the tank. It wasn't just like I was in pain, it was like I'd hit the wall. All I can think is that I became so inefficient in my form that I had to dig deep into the reserves - either that, or I overestimated where I was at.

Still a 3min improvement on last years race and a PB. Frustrating knowing I should have been able to go better looking at some of the training I've done. I did a 28k long run at 4:30 pace a few weeks ago - and was struggling to hang on at 4:24 for the second 10k! Lost 150 places in the second half. Terrible.

Running certainly gave it to me in the bum hole today. Brutalised.

Massive effort by Robbie Neill to get 11th spot in 71:28, JB 25th in 74:29, RT Ross 47th 77:25 (chest infection) and Tiges 78th in 79:43 - (I think joanna beat me today too 90:07?

Next year.