Saturday, January 2, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

8km Aerobic Base

43:21 (5:23)
131m gain (215m on sträva)

Able to get a run done on New Years Day which I like. Hot and hilly. I need to make more of an effort this year to hit some of the big hills here.


2015 was a big year for me.

In April I ran a 2:57 marathon, a goal I'd been chasing since I ran my first 3:31 marathon in 2011. It was a rollercoaster to get there - multiple, multiple injuries set me back time after time, but eventually I was able to string enough weeks and months of training to get there.

Shortly after we had our baby girl. Certainly not expected (well, not 9 mths previously at least), but definitely my greatest achievement. And with that came the lack of sleep and the lack of time.

When she was just three weeks old I started work in a big emergency department, something I had been aiming for for a while too. And I started working busy, hard 12 hour shifts. I thought I might be able to handle some easy running but it eventually got harder and harder to do, and the less I did - the less I did.

One thing about running is that the motivation seems to dwindle as the fitness dwindles. It gets harder to get out the door. And without any goal set up for the future, the ease at which one can skip hot days, rainy days, windy days etc. becomes very easy.

Bigger things have had to take priority, but I'm not happy with the weight gain. I miss the fitness. the ease of a 30km run along the northern beaches here in the early morning.

2016 will be big too, post grad study, a growing daughter (pls sleep more) and working more on the career. Somewhere I need to fit in running and just general exercise.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

5km Aerobic

26:31 (5:18)
41m gain

With the new year looming I am thinking much more about the year ahead and what I hope to do. Really would like to get into a regular habit of running and exercise. Probably can't realistically see any PBs falling in the next year or two.

6km Aerobic Base

29:30 (4:53)
46m gain

A somewhat harder effort after almost two weeks of no running. Tired, then picked up a cold which knocked me off for about 5 days, then weird shiftwork, babies, rain, hot weather.

 Plenty of excuses, but really just don't have the motivation right now.