Sunday, September 29, 2013

34km Long Run

Distance:34.01 km
Avg Pace:4:45 min/km
Elevation Gain:290 m

Planned so I'd have to do the last 4k uphill (also meant first 4 were downhill). Gels at 5, 15 and 25km. Sweat a lot and felt very thirsty. Only drank every 5km. Its been a rushed preparation for Melbourne (still haven't actually registered -  but accomodation is booked), but have had an ok block over the last ten weeks with two more to go. Much more consistent than the lead up to Sydney in 2011, with longer, faster long runs each week. however, its been missing the long tempo runs and intervals.

Weekly Totals:

Running: 92.27km (7:26:09)

Biggest week of training in a while. Taper and peak now.

Monthly Totals:

Running: 325.43km (26:38:21)

Second biggest month of the year. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

12km Aerobic Base

Distance:12.01 km
Avg Pace:4:41 min/km
Elevation Gain:170 m

Slept in, ran later and was much warmer. Big 1.8k hill at the end finished me off. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

7km Recovery

Distance:7.13 km
Avg Pace:5:14 min/km
Elevation Gain:83 m

Easy day, Chiro/ART visit. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 x 3km w/4min recovery

11:48.7 (3:56)
11:53.1 (3:58)
12.04.1 (4:01)

Good session, felt like I had the pace right. Comfortably hard. Didn't have time to cool down as I had to get the wife to the station.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

18km Aerobic Base

Distance:18.01 km
Avg Pace:4:59 min/km
Elevation Gain:301 m

Beautiful spring morning in the mountains. Ran up the hill and could see the CBD which is around 60km in a straight line. Probably my favourite run, just has a big 1.2km hill in it.

Legs are still fatigued and a bit tight, chiro/ART on Friday. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9km Recovery

Distance:9.05 km
Avg Pace:5:09 min/km
Elevation Gain:124 m

Great to be back running in the morning. Legs are sore, but didn't feel to bad. Hope to have a good training week and then take the plunge into Melbourne.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon

Distance:21.10 km
Avg Pace:4:12 min/km


5km: 20:43
14km: 59:15
19km: 1:19:39
21.1km: 1:28:37

Really don't feel that fit, last month has been hard - weekday runs have virtually all felt terrible - last couple of longs runs I've died on dramatically. One tempo run and I think two lots of intervals and thats it.

So - to be able to get this time is fairly pleasing. Had planned to attach myself to the 90min pacer and see how I went but found when I lined up I couldn't see one. Just before the start he popped into the crowd and pushed his way forward and I wasn't able to get close through all the people.

Once running I completely lost sight of the pacer until the turnaround after the tunnel. Didn't think he looked to far ahead so continued to move along hoping I'd catch up. Someone told me he was about 30 seconds ahead of 90min pace, so I figured if I caught him I'd be able to stick with the group and go under 90. Eventually caught them at Mrs Macquaries chair, and almost tucked in behind, but thought I may as well just keep pushing on. So I did that and lost them. Just tried to stick to the pace I had. 

Was all good until the last few km where I just didn't have anything left in the tank, got passed by a number of people closing hard which was annoying. I just couldn't hang on. No where near as painful as C2S. 

Backed up by helping my wife finish her 9k Bridge Run - the furthest she had ever run prior was 3km. Very proud.

Its three months since starting back running post-stressie, and two months since being back to full volume. Another three weeks until Melbourne Marathon. Have over the last six weeks run long runs of - 28, 32, 29, 32, 28, 21 (HM).

Weekly Totals:

Running: 64.72 (5:37:22) (inc 9k Bridge Run)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

6km Shake Out

Distance:6.10 km
Avg Pace:5:02 min/km
Elevation Gain:88 m

Shake out run before tomorrow's half. Don't really feel confident of breaking 90, the training has been mostly ordinary over the last month. Don't have any real indicators of fitness either. Did a 10k tempo at 4:07 pace, but couldn't hold that for much longer. 

Will try and enjoy it. Big events are pretty fun - and it has to be better than SMH. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2 x (6x400m w/1min recovery)

1:27.8 (3:39)
1:29.7 (3:44)
1:26.7 (3:37)
1:32.6 (3:51)
1:32.0 (3:50)
1:32.9 (3:52)

1:31.0 (3:47)
1:33.7 (3:54)
1:35.2 (3:58)
1:43.5 (4:19)
1:31.5 (3:49)
1:23.3 (3:28)

Got stomach pain and runs during that second set.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9km Recovery

Distance:9.05 km
Avg Pace:5:50 min/km
Elevation Gain:147 m

Ran first two km through the bush at 7:15 pace. Didn't get much better.

I actually prefer running on the roads, or at least smooth dirt roads. Single track is slow and I'm in fear of snakes and rocks.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9km Recovery

Distance:9.01 km
Avg Pace:5:10 min/km
Elevation Gain:100 m

Probably the first after work run that didn't feel completely awful.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

28km Long Run

Distance:28.01 km
Avg Pace:4:45 min/km
Elevation Gain:184 m

Started the day out with a quick call to Windsor Police to let them know there was a rubber inflatable raft sans occupants floating in the middle of the Hawkesbury River. Could not see anyone around at all. Made the phone call back at the car, then set off again only to see someone in a boat getting the raft. Oh well, keeping the police busy.

Fairly mediocre run. Not sure whats wrong, wanted to do 16-18km at about 4:22 pace but the legs are dead and tired. By the time I hit 24km I was dropping down to 5min k's and so just jogged it in. Two weeks ago I did 29k averaging 4:30 pace and since then have struggled. Humidity was high again. Am using the handheld, but maybe I'm drinking too much, or maybe I didn't eat well yesterday. 

Four weeks until Melbourne and I do not feel like I am prepared for 42k (because I'm not).

Weekly Total:

Running: 57.11km (4:39:21) 

Missed about 25km because I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

12km Aerobic Base

Distance:12.01 km
Avg Pace:4:55 min/km
Elevation Gain:165 m

Legs a bit tired from yesterday. 4:35's for a few km's of downhill then ground it back up to home. Kangaroos, miniature donkeys, bamboo forest, bonfire. Have finally dropped a bit of weight, mostly because I didn't eat for a few days when I was sick. Back around 72kg. Need to get down to 70 over the next month. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

6 x 800m w/ 2min recovery

Distance:10.01 km
Avg Pace:4:56 min/km
Elevation Gain:105 m

Did this on the road with a bit of up and downhill. Bad feeling I'll get injured again, feels crappy through the left leg.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

7km Recovery

Distance:7.08 km
Avg Pace:5:21 min/km
Elevation Gain:81 m

First run back after getting sick this week with a bout of gastro on Monday night. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

32km Long Run

Distance:32.01 km
Avg Pace:4:50 min/km
Elevation Gain:539 m

Ran Upper Colo Rd. Terrible run. Suffered right from the start, breathing never felt right and the legs were heavy. Felt somewhat apprehensive last night even. Very humid, lost 1.8kg and drank 600ml. One gel at 16km, 1:30 stop to pee (excuse to stop). Just a struggle. Been a shitty training week.

Weekly Total:

Running: 82.32km (6:45:07)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

10km Tempo

Distance:10.01 km
Avg Pace:4:07 min/km
Elevation Gain:35 m

I told myself I didn't want to do 'hard' running the day before a long run, but I haven't much of a choice. Can't get anything of quality done during the week at the moment. Pretty even pace with most splits at 4:07-4:09 with one 4:01. Wanted to do half marathon pace, but this was too quick for that.

Early start

Friday, September 6, 2013

12km Aerobic Base

Distance:12.08 km
Avg Pace:4:53 min/km
Elevation Gain:138 m

A bit more comfortable today, took the hand held bottle which helped.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

16km Aerobic Base

Distance:16.18 km
Avg Pace:5:09 min/km
Elevation Gain:73 m

Probably the worst run I've done in a long time. Hot, exhausted, dehydrated. Had to stop at 6.5km just to rest. Another km and I was lucky that the cricket dressing room was open. Drank up and felt better for a bit before being worn down again. Really difficult.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

29km Long Run

Distance:29.01 km
Avg Pace:4:30 min/km
Elevation Gain:292 m

Half the mountains are on fire up here at the moment with hazard reductions. Smoke everywhere, but didn't make too much of a difference. Wanted to do 16km @ marathon pace, but hard to get an even pace with the hills. Ended up being tired towards the end. Someone took a water bottle I dropped last night so I didn't have water between 10 and 25km. Had one gel at 12km, but couldn't wash it down. 

Some discomfort on the top of the left foot, could be caused by shoe. Had to stop and re lace but was still sore.

Weekly Total:

Running: 75.23km (6:00:44)

Dropped an 18k run from the weeks training because I've just been so tired from being in the hospital. Funnily enough todays long run was the quickest all week.

Monthly Total:

Running: 309.05km (25:27:13)
Cycling: 16km (38:26)

Third biggest volume month of the year surprisingly. Need to keep my shit together. Of course I'm probably doing too much too soon. Wonder how long it will last.