Wednesday, August 31, 2011

16km Base Run

Avg Pace: 5:11min/km
Avg HR: 142

Nice easy run but my right achilles/calf is not good. Big volume month and my body doesn't handle it well.

August Totals:
300.14km running
286km cycling

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

13km @ Half Marathon Pace

13km @ Half Marathon Pace


Avg Pace: 4:45min/km
Avg HR: 157

A come down from Saturdays effort. Everything is a bit tight, a bit niggly and couldn't get into a good rhythm.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mixed Intervals and 20k cycle

Mixed Intervals

3km 12:57 (4:19min/km) Avg HR: 161, Max HR: 167
1.6km 6:32 (4:03min/km) Avg HR: 166, Max HR: 173
1km 3:55 (3:55min/km) Avg HR: 167, Max HR: 175
800m 2:56 (3:40min/km) Avg HR: 170, Max HR: 180

Good morning down on the bay. Solid session with some ok times. Rest up tomorrow and TT 21.1km on Saturday morning.

plus 20km cycle

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10km @ Half marathon pace

10km @ Half marathon pace


Avg Pace: 4:42min/km

Avg HR: 144 (Including warm up and cool down)
Max HR: 167

Legs are definitely tired. Felt like I was working hard today and wouldn't be sure if I could hold that pace for another 11k.

Off to get some soft tissue work.

Monday, August 22, 2011

13km Base Run

Avg Pace: 5:25min/km
Avg HR: 142
Max HR: 162

A little stiff and sore to begin with but warmed up as I went along. Took it very easy. Headed the opposite direction to what I normally run and went down in to Canterbury and the Cooks River. Not a bad run to do. Wouldn't mind exploring along the river some more.

Plus: 20km Uni Commute

Saturday, August 20, 2011

36km Endurance Run

Avg Pace: 5:03min/km

Probably the toughest run in my training thus far. Whole body soreness. Still feeling a bit queasy 1.5hrs after the run. Got a bit dehydrated I think. Used three GU's - two 'Just Plain" and one Roctane. Roctane has more sodium, potassium and caffeine than the regular GU's. Tried to drink a little bit whenever I came across a bubbler, but still I don't think it was enough. Back pulled up a bit DOMSey after the yoga yesterday, just not used to doing much with the upper body/posterior chain. Highlights a weakness that I will work on after the marathon.

Apart from all that, a great run to do. Bay run, Pyrmont, Barangaroo, Opera House, Botanic Gardens, City, Blackwattle Bay, Bay Run. Amazing place Sydney. I actually stopped for a few minutes at 35km thinking I would finish and walk home, but decided to restart the Garmin for the final km so there's about 5min all up where I paused for drinks and that final stop.

Friday, August 19, 2011


1.5hrs of heated yoga @ BodyMindLife up at Rozelle. Haven't been to yoga since February I think. Felt good to stretch the body properly, get really sweaty and do lots of deep breathing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mixed Intervals and 20k cycle

Mixed Intervals 2min recovery

3km: 13:09 (4:23min/km)
1.6km: 6:58 (4:20min/km)
1km: 4:11 (4:11min/km)
800m: 2:58 (3:42min/km)

Tough day. Was unable to train in the morning so had to do this on the way home from Uni. Legs never felt quite there. I really have a tough time keeping it slow for the first 3k, it should be run at 4:40 pace at the quickest. I guess that wears me out for the the 1k, because it should have been run at 4:00 or less. 20k of cycling commute which makes 60k for the week.

Gearing up for the long run on the weekend which will be telling. Maybe yoga in the morning to stretch out the muscles. So far the heel has been ok, have re-laced the shoes and it's feeling a lot less 'creaky' under/around the tendon. I'm fairly certain I have what's known as Haglund's Deformity but who knows. I'm forever self (mis) diagnosing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

15km Base Run

15km Base Pace Run

Avg Pace: 5:06km/min

Again faster than what I should be doing. I should be trying to take it a little easier, but I'm getting too eager.

Uni Commute
Avg Speed: 18.4km/h
Avg Speed: 20.6km/h

Monday, August 15, 2011

12km @ Half Marathon pace & Uni commute

12km @ Half Marathon Pace (4:38min/km)


Today I felt like I may have actually been able to hold this pace for 21km - maybe a little less. Will do a 21.1k TT in about 2 weeks so that will be interesting to see what pace I can hold. Based on today I think 4:45's. Probably the excessive amount of carbs I ate the day before. Heel felt ok, bit sore at end of run. Went to acupuncture. Legs were very tired by the end of the day after this run and the ride.

Uni Commute
Avg Speed: 17.6km/h
Avg Speed: 19.2km/h

Saturday, August 13, 2011

13km @ Marathon Pace

13km @ Marathon Pace (4:57min/km)

4:57 (HR 151)
4:54 (HR 152)
4:54 (HR 152)
4:54 (HR 156)
4:57 (HR 148)
4:54 (HR 150)
4:56 (HR 151)
5:24 (HR 147)
4:54 (HR 149)
4:57 (HR 148)
4:54 (HR 148)
5:01 (HR 154)
5:00 (HR 144)

3 k warm up, 5k cool down, 21k total.

At the beginning of the year I remember saying to someone that i hoped my 20k runs would end up feeling the way my 10k's did, that is, relatively easy and feeling like I could keep going. Well, it's nice to know I've finally reached that point. Of course a 10k can be the hardest run in the world depending on pace, but at this time last year a 20k was such a big deal and now it's just another run. Didn't even grab a drink, even though I probably should have.

The 5:24 in the middle of the above was when I had to stop for the toilet. The 5:01 was when I hit Lilyfield road and the 5:00 at the end must have been because I got lazy. Had some pain in the back of the left heel which I haven't had for a long, long time. Hopefully it is a one off.

Felt comfortable the whole time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mixed Intervals and 20k cycle

Mixed Intervals

3km: 13:07 (4:22min/km)
1.6km: 6:51 (4:15min/km)
1km: 4:04 (4:04min/km)
800m: 3:00 (3:45min/km)

Up for the early session. 7am down at King Georges Park. nice down on the water, if not a little cool (9 degrees). Was more conservative with my pacing than the past efforts but slightly harder on the 800m.

Uni Commute (20km)

Avg Speed: 19.1km/hr

Avg Pace: 18.2km/hr

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10km @ Half marathon pace

10km (14km with warm up/cool down)
Avg Pace: 4:38min/km

I don't think I would be able to hold this pace for 21.1km. I was aiming for around 4:40 which I'm happy to have held, but it seemed like hard work and I didn't feel like I'd be able to hold that pace. At least not today. So this run felt more like a tempo.

Had ART and needles in my calves. 75mm right through gastroc, soleus and into the post tib. Hurt a bit. Damien reckons I will feel pretty sore tomorrow from it which is why I trained almost straight after, probably not the best idea.

Got some slicks on the bike and it looks really cool and seems to ride nicely. Can actually stop now too!

Monday, August 8, 2011

15km Base Run

Avg Pace: 5:09min/km

Easy run, felt pretty good considering I ran 32k two days ago. Seeing Damien tomorrow as the hips pulled up pretty tight. Plan on seeing him fortnightly until the marathon, acupuncture weekly. Expensive but should get me to the line.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

32km Endurance Run

Avg Pace: 5:16min/km

Starting to get towards the business end of training. Actually felt fairly good through this, stopped as often as I could to get a bit of water in, took gels at about 1hr and 2hr points. Slower k's were up the hills or when I stopped to get water and the garmin didn't auto-pause. A few strong k's towards the end. Had pretty tight glutes from the beginning which I put down to the 60km's of cycling this week. Achilles is feeling better, but still a bit sore after.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mixed Intervals

Garmin 310 was working but failed to transfer data back home and then deleted my times - so I'm having a guess here. Seems like there are a few issues at garmin at the moment.

Mixed Intervals 2min recovery

3km: 13:00 (4:20min/km)
1.61km: 6:45 (4:12min/km)
1km: 4:08 (4:08min/km)
800m: 3:10 (3:57min/km)

I wish I knew the times more accurately, but I got the work done in much warmer conditions than usual and with a bit more fatigue in the legs than the last few weeks.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

19km Uni commute

Just over an hour of cycling. Legs are tired. Will catch the train tomorrow and hit some intervals in the afternoon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8km Recovery and 19km Uni commute

Avg Pace: 5:23

Did my first bike commute to uni today. About 19km return. So 35mins each way roughly. Decided to have a run about 45mins after getting back and I think I was feeling the fatigue from yesterday and the bike ride. Not a particularly enjoyable run today.