Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mixed Intervals and 20k cycle

Mixed Intervals 2min recovery

3km: 13:09 (4:23min/km)
1.6km: 6:58 (4:20min/km)
1km: 4:11 (4:11min/km)
800m: 2:58 (3:42min/km)

Tough day. Was unable to train in the morning so had to do this on the way home from Uni. Legs never felt quite there. I really have a tough time keeping it slow for the first 3k, it should be run at 4:40 pace at the quickest. I guess that wears me out for the the 1k, because it should have been run at 4:00 or less. 20k of cycling commute which makes 60k for the week.

Gearing up for the long run on the weekend which will be telling. Maybe yoga in the morning to stretch out the muscles. So far the heel has been ok, have re-laced the shoes and it's feeling a lot less 'creaky' under/around the tendon. I'm fairly certain I have what's known as Haglund's Deformity but who knows. I'm forever self (mis) diagnosing.