Saturday, August 13, 2011

13km @ Marathon Pace

13km @ Marathon Pace (4:57min/km)

4:57 (HR 151)
4:54 (HR 152)
4:54 (HR 152)
4:54 (HR 156)
4:57 (HR 148)
4:54 (HR 150)
4:56 (HR 151)
5:24 (HR 147)
4:54 (HR 149)
4:57 (HR 148)
4:54 (HR 148)
5:01 (HR 154)
5:00 (HR 144)

3 k warm up, 5k cool down, 21k total.

At the beginning of the year I remember saying to someone that i hoped my 20k runs would end up feeling the way my 10k's did, that is, relatively easy and feeling like I could keep going. Well, it's nice to know I've finally reached that point. Of course a 10k can be the hardest run in the world depending on pace, but at this time last year a 20k was such a big deal and now it's just another run. Didn't even grab a drink, even though I probably should have.

The 5:24 in the middle of the above was when I had to stop for the toilet. The 5:01 was when I hit Lilyfield road and the 5:00 at the end must have been because I got lazy. Had some pain in the back of the left heel which I haven't had for a long, long time. Hopefully it is a one off.

Felt comfortable the whole time.