Monday, September 23, 2013

Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon

Distance:21.10 km
Avg Pace:4:12 min/km


5km: 20:43
14km: 59:15
19km: 1:19:39
21.1km: 1:28:37

Really don't feel that fit, last month has been hard - weekday runs have virtually all felt terrible - last couple of longs runs I've died on dramatically. One tempo run and I think two lots of intervals and thats it.

So - to be able to get this time is fairly pleasing. Had planned to attach myself to the 90min pacer and see how I went but found when I lined up I couldn't see one. Just before the start he popped into the crowd and pushed his way forward and I wasn't able to get close through all the people.

Once running I completely lost sight of the pacer until the turnaround after the tunnel. Didn't think he looked to far ahead so continued to move along hoping I'd catch up. Someone told me he was about 30 seconds ahead of 90min pace, so I figured if I caught him I'd be able to stick with the group and go under 90. Eventually caught them at Mrs Macquaries chair, and almost tucked in behind, but thought I may as well just keep pushing on. So I did that and lost them. Just tried to stick to the pace I had. 

Was all good until the last few km where I just didn't have anything left in the tank, got passed by a number of people closing hard which was annoying. I just couldn't hang on. No where near as painful as C2S. 

Backed up by helping my wife finish her 9k Bridge Run - the furthest she had ever run prior was 3km. Very proud.

Its three months since starting back running post-stressie, and two months since being back to full volume. Another three weeks until Melbourne Marathon. Have over the last six weeks run long runs of - 28, 32, 29, 32, 28, 21 (HM).

Weekly Totals:

Running: 64.72 (5:37:22) (inc 9k Bridge Run)