Friday, January 20, 2012

Walk 2min/Run 12min

Distance:7.61 km
Avg Pace:5:30 min/km

Avg HR:148 (80%)
Max HR:172 (93%)

Feeling substantially better in the shins after yesterdays massage session. Still some lingering tightness but took a lot longer to come on. Another session tomorrow will hopefully clear it up more. Focused on pulling the hamstrings up and getting the foot a bit higher on the pull through which definitely increases pace, but also increases HR. Held 4:57 pace for the last 12min which was often pushing down towards 4:30. really want to be able to hold 4:30's at about 145 HR.

Funnily enough my shin felt much better doing this as it felt like I wasn't having to drive using my feet/calves as much. If I can use that technique more at an easier pace I think I will become more efficient. Left calf is still bothering me a bit - will see what chiro says tomorrow. Pretty happy though.