Thursday, January 26, 2012

Run 25min + KB + 30min Indoor Cycle


Distance:5.32 km
Avg Pace:5:27 min/km
Avg HR: 152 (82%)
Max HR: 161 (87%)

Shin actually felt like it was very close to being back to normal! Left calf still feels weird but not affecting yet. Muscles are a bit dead from last nights strength but didn't really affect anything too much.


Strength conditioning:

12kg KB: Right arm swing, press, overhead squat x 8
                Left arm swing, press, overhead squat x 8
                Rest approx 30sec
                Repeat x 5

Avg HR: 145 (78%)
Max HR: 169 (91%)

5 rounds this week. Next time maybe I'll do the swings with 20kg and the rest with 12kg. Not strong enough to do the pressing and OH squats with 20 yet. I love the HR data pattern that this workout makes.

Aerobic: 30min Indoor Cycle

Avg HR:129 (70%)
Max HR:157 (85%)

What can you say about indoor cycling? Did a couple of 30sec efforts at the end to ease some boredom.