Thursday, January 5, 2012

25km Trail Run/Hike

Distance:26.07 km
Avg Pace:10:43 min/km
Elevation Gain:1,476 m
Big, big effort in the mountains today. GPS went weird again at the beginning so I think it added about 600m. Ran where I could but there is so much up and down I was hiking more than running. A long time out on the feet. Only took 300ml water, a sweet potato and some chocolate. the water was icing up half way through. Great views from the final peak (Sirubong 582m) but was unable to take any photos because the iPhone doesn't work in the cold. Only got one photo from an earlier peak.

Paekunsan 567m.
Feeling pretty shattered. Have been running 4 days in a row, but interspersed with a lot of hiking. I've done 50k which is completely the wrong thing to do coming back from a break, have sort of been easing into it the last few weeks. Mostly feel ok.