Thursday, January 19, 2012

10min Kettlebells + 20min Indoor Cycle

Strength conditioning:

12kg KB: Right arm swing, press, overhead squat x 8
                Left arm swing, press, overhead squat x 8
                Rest approx 30sec
                Repeat x 4

Aerobic conditioning: 

20min "fartlek" bike

Avg HR: 140 (76%)
Max HR: 169 (91%)

Fairly solid session despite it being quite short. Haven't used kettlebells for a long time. Interesting to look at the heart rate data and see how it has the same pattern but increases each round. Next time should push out 5 rounds and then work up to 20kg KB.

Went to Itaewon to see a chiropracter/possible ART practitioner about the shin. Ended up just getting a fairly gentle massage for 30mins on calves and shins but seems to have loosened up the muscles so will see how that goes tomorrow. Have another appointment on Saturday I think to do the glutes/piriformas and see how the shin pulled up. If no good may get 'Rolfed' which sounds kind of weird but is apparently fairly hardcore. Was thinking I might just need more rest, but am now feeling a bit more optimistic. Could all change tomorrow.