Friday, January 13, 2012

40min Indoor Cycle

Avg HR:128 (69%)
Max HR:160 (86%)


Bench press 40kg: 8, 10, 10
Row 20kg: 10
Row 30kg: 10, 10

Finally joined the gym here after looking through the windows for 6 weeks. Avg HR during the cycle was more around 140bpm, but I left the timer on whilst doing the sets of weights. Pretty boring session but got some aerobic work done. Just trying to get my body used to some resistance work. My ass is sore from yesterdays squats.

I've planned out my next 6 weeks of running - the plan is to hold back and go slow with the running and try and build fitness and strength in the gym. Acupuncture is virtually free here for me now, so will be utilising that as much as possible.