Sunday, October 31, 2010

Woodford Dam 19km

Driving up at 6:30

Beautiful area to go running, mostly fire trails with a bit of single trail and some tarmac. Some of the most insane hills I've ever had to get up and down.

Woodford Elevation!

The climbs really worked the heart and the downhills felt a bit unsteady and put a fair bit of pressure on the ITB. Briskly walked up most of the hills, - if anyone ran the hills I'd be blown away. I just can't describe the hills until you see them!

I think a lot of the guys running this are ultra runners, people who put in 100km+ weeks without any dramas, whereas for me this was a long run, with the added bonus of super hills! Had to pee at about 20min in where I lost about 5 places, and on the way back missed a turn off which added about 4mins or so to the run I think. Sucked in a way because I had my eyes on trying to catch the guy in front, think I lost a few places as well. Not to worry.

Run Time: 2:04:29, 45th overall.

Great place to run, looking forward to Glenbrook now.

Running out there, somewhere.

If you look really hard that's Pukie on the back of that guys shirt.

Doin' it tough