Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Came home from work and tried to mobilise the hips. Two min each side twice on the glutes ("pigeon" type pose but up on the side of the lounge) Two minutes each side twice on the hip flexor/quads and two minutes twice on the ITB/TFL before leaving for gymnastics.

First day trying out a specific gymnastics group session at Mac Uni. I've jumped in half way through a six week course so I felt a bit anxious, but once I made a fool of myself in the first two minutes I felt fine.

Started with some mobility on the joints, basic stretches etc before moving into forward rolls (no prob) backwards rolls (wtf? - this is where I made a fool of myself) Bunny hops (kind handstand kick things) handstand with split legs, handstands with straight legs, cartwheels (had never, ever done one and was so uncoordinated I needed specific instruction) roll off or over (I think?) which is like a cartwheel but more explosive... Then we went up to the trampoline to do more roll overs (uh...) and ended up practising some forward pikes from the trampoline into the cushion pit. Pretty fun, started to get the idea but have so, so far to go. Hope to have a full front flip on the trampoline before xmas. Then I practiced handstands for a while and I think I got one that lasted for about 10 seconds.

Did strength and conditioning at the end. Two times 30sec handstand holds. One minute wall sit. 20 push ups with feet up on bar. 10 push ups with arms close in. Five chin ups. 30 tuck jumps. One chin up behind neck. 20 leg raises. 30 box jumps. 30 reverse push ups (dips on box) 30 calf raises. 40 sit ups. 20 V type ab things and walking lunge (maybe 15m).

Smashed. I felt really sick about five minutes afterwards, combo of motion sickness and being out of condition, and by the time I got home I thought I would throw up. Looking forward to next week. Really want to achieve a freestanding handstand and a forward flip on the trampoline.