Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barefoot Inc. Barefoot/Pose Clinic Centennial Park

Nice Sunday morning out at Centennial Park with the shoes off for a free barefoot/pose workshop. It was good to see that most of what I have done through self teaching is right. I still have a long way to maintaining good form and I still feel I have trouble with the "pull" but I'm on the right track. We started with some mid foot bounces, moved to spider walks and 'dry humps' before getting on to the pose stance, the pull and the lean. Still having trouble feeling the lean actually as well.
We broke into three groups to run through more drills and get a little more coaching. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the coaches who genuinely wanted people to connect with barefoot running. It makes sense on such a philosophical level as well as physiological. Stripping things back, connecting with the body and earth. Very nice.
Was good for a two hour intro. Has definitely made me want to incorporate more barefoot drills into my training. Will probably do my 'sprints' on grass without shoes and see how I go. Will try and get the cadence stuff sorted.