Saturday, October 23, 2010


Run Time: 1:47:48
Stopped Time: 0:51
Distance: 18.13 km
Average: 5:57 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:02 /km
Climb: 138 meters
Calories: 1338

Max HR: 176 (93%)
Avg HR: 166 (88%)

Really tough, torturous run and actually ended up cutting it short. Was trying to get out another twenty km. I think I basically went too hard at the beginning. Felt quite good for the first six or so kms. Got a pretty nasty blister and legs just stopped working. Very tight right calf muscle. You can see on the splits where it all started to unravel. I struggled with the heat badly too - ran at quite a high heart rate. Ah well - I'm starting to think I should get a bit of a higher base mileage, maybe drop the sprints (not that I've been doing them anyway) and make them longer - but slower - intervals, plus a longer slower run mid-week. My nutrition is terrible these days as well - running on sugar, need to fix the diet up soon and re-aquaint myself with paleo.

Pre: Half a snickers, banana, Endura
During: GU
Post: Endura (then I just ate cake and other carbs all day at a bday celebration)