Saturday, October 9, 2010

12km Run

Run Time: 1:13:29
Stopped Time: 3:15
Distance: 12.13 km
Average: 6:04 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:33 /km
Climb: 87 meters
Calories: 900
Max HR: 175 (93%)
Avg HR: 153 (81%)
Very low motivation, stiff sore legs from weights. Started ok, hit some trails at about 3.5km and a very sharp hill which pushed my HR up to about 173 - never quite recovered from that. Just had to get through, wanted to get at least 15km but tight glute/TFL on right hip and right calf tightness prevented that. Thought it would be best just to call it early. Definitely brought back down from the high of the half and 10k. Need to get massage and really focus on stretching out everything. Glad I got this done though regardless.

Have to have a think about what I'm going to do with the resistance training. Maybe drop the weights down, or concentrate on pistols.