Sunday, April 15, 2012

20km Aerobic Base Run


Avg Pace: 5:07min/km

Stupid Garmin decided to destroy the record of todays run! Its basically 3.5k undulating, then 6k downhill with a bit of flat at the bottom then uphill, undulating. The ride I did on monday which was the pretty much the same route said around 300m elevation gain.

Would have been interesting to see the splits because there was mostly sub 5s all the way down and then 5:05 to 5:30's coming back up. 10k back was average 5:13 pace, which is not too bad considering its 6 k of uphill running.

Weekly totals:

Running: 62.31km (recovery week)
Cycling: 49.52km
Strength: only did 1 yoga session which was crap. Have just been using the resistance bands a couple of times this week - nothing structured.

Time: 8:26:10

Still feeling a bit fatigued - hit a few hills this week. Complete rest day tomorrow.