Friday, April 20, 2012

14km MTB + 6km Trail Run

Distance:14.09 km
Avg Speed:10.0 km/h
Elevation Gain:594 m
Headed up to Mt Irvine Rd which is the tail end of the Willy to Billy (Mt Wilson to Bilpin) bush run. Had no idea what to expect. First part of the rd is beautiful - nice and graded but straight away downhill. After only about 500m I started hitting some seriously rough sections of rock. Lots of water and a few deep-ish puddle along the way down. Made it down to the creek which has a bridge crossing - went a little bit further up the hill then turned around and came back. Seemed steeper on the Mt Irvine side as well as having completely different vegetation - heaps more ferns and more rainforest like the Katoomba area.

There is a 50m drop off to the right


Left, darker side is Mt Irvine side

Bowen Creek

Distance:6.17 km
Avg Pace:5:28 min/km
Elevation Gain:206 m
Wasn't intending to do this at all but had headed down for a look at Mountain Lagoon for no reason other than to take a look. Drove a few hundred meters down a fire trail where I saw a car parked at a signpost. Should have unpacked the bike and cruised down so I could have seen how far it went. Nothing spectacular, but a fair bit of up and down and not too rough. Apparently the Gosper ridge trail heads out to the Colo river and has some good views of the valley.

Beginning of the T3 trail

I'm actually not a massive fan of being out in the bush alone. I have a pretty awful phobia about snakes which sometimes has the anxiety levels pretty high. I'm also not crazy about dropping down for kilometres and then having to climb hard back out, preferring to run at a decent pace.