Monday, January 24, 2011

6.5km Run

Avg Pace: 5:35min/km

Bit faster than I should have been going, but the legs felt pretty good after yesterdays 20km, so why not. Felt a bit fatigued (muscularly) around 4km. No heel issue, but ice bathing the feet again.

The ongoing saga between me and my lunaracers feels like it might be getting resolved. Put a little square of extra cushioning in the back of the right show and it seems much nicer. I think being in the Luna's is what had me running a little quicker. Still, the Nike Free Run+ did a pretty sweet job yesterday. Will continue to rotate. Want to get a new pair of Free 3.0's. Will need to dust off the piranhas every now and then too.

Pre: WPC, Creatine
Post: Eggs