Saturday, January 8, 2011

16km Long Run


Avg Pace: 6.02 min/km
Avg HR: 162 (86%)
Max Hr: 182 (96%)

Ashfield to Woolstonecraft. Good run, but had some problems with my feet and the new shoes. Big toes got pretty bad to the point where I had to stop to try and readjust the shoe on my right foot, problem was on the left too but to a lesser extent. Then towards the end my achilles was rubbing so badly on the back of my shoe that I had to take my shoes off to walk when I arrived home (Caught the train home). Disappointing as I like these shoes. I could feel that it was 'digging' in a bit when I first started. Will experiment with band aids and lacing technique.

Other than that a good run that I haven't done before. Got to go over both Anzac and Harbour Bridges, beautiful views of the harbour, some wicked hills right at the end. I've done 36km this week which was my target and probably the most I've done in a long time.