Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Strength: Workout B

Warm Up: 10mins easy bike, 3x10 20kg Kettlebell

Squat: 70x3x5
Press: 35x3x5
Power Clean: 40x3x5
Sit ups: 2x30 (feet anchored)

Squats are starting to get a bit heavy at bodyweight. Bit bloody rusty on the technique still, especially power cleans - partially because I don't want to land too hard on the foot.

I don't think the linear progress is going to last long. If I can get up to about 80kg over five sets in the next week I'd be happy - then I can just hold it around there and incrementally increase. Need to get the deadlift up to about 100kg for one set of five and the cleans up to about 60 or 70kg I think.

Once I'm running it needs to be a maintenance program and will need to start some more running specific stuff.