Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strength: Workout A

Strength: Workout A

Squat: 80x3x5
Bench Press: 60x3x5
Deadlift: 95x1x5
Sit-ups : 25 15 10 (unanchored)

No increase on the squat, increased the others. Bench doesn't feel good. deadlift I reckon I could go up - grip isn't great. Squat felt better - so maybe I'll try get it up 2.5kg on Saturday. I start to feel anxious about dropping the weight or hurting myself with the bench and the squat.

Haven't done any exercise since Saturday - lost a tonne of mojo post Sydney Marathon - and I didn't even run! My foot pulled up really sore after being out on it for about 7 hrs and jogging a little bit from place to place. It was good to get a couple of good looks at the elite runners - especially Ben St Lawrence in the half who must have one of the nicest running techniques going. Somehow post Olympics he was beaten - looking forward to his marathon debut.

The top three. Ben St Lawrence (3rd), Scott Westcott (2nd), Takahiro Gunji (1st)   

Lead pack at 5k. Kawauchi (in green) broke the course record.

Also got to see the elites at the front of the marathon and ended up having the photo I took on the Japan Running News blog - I was tweeting the splits of Yuki Kawauchi where I could. Social media was good - had a tiny bit of interaction with Lee Troop and Ben St Lawrence.