Saturday, June 11, 2011

26km Base Run

Avg Pace: 5:03min/km

This is the longest run I have done so far. Felt reasonably good, pace was ok. Could definitely feel the fatigue setting in, but hopefully with a bit more prep and nutrition/hydration I can offset that a bit further. Not a bad training week considering I did a sub-20min 5k and a long run like this. No intervals this week though which was a bit of an aberration from the program.

Recovery: Big double espresso milk, ice bath, new zoot compression socks and 2xu tights over the top. Got a massage stick too which seems to be really good for the calves.

My guess at this stage is that the Coastal Classic is going to be postponed due to weather issues. Have to wait and see. I'm ready for it, but not fully prepared for the journey to get there etc. But that's just because I am a lazy mf.