Sunday, February 6, 2011

20km Trail Run

Avg Pace: 6:14km/min

Entry to Wollemi National Park, East Kurrajong

Run up the road from my parents in the Wollemi National Park. Run is downhill for about 25mins before having to cross Wheeny Creek and then about another 25mins of uphill running. I got a bit freaked out by the initial descent and misjudged how long it would take me to get back up the hill. I had planned to do an hour out and an hour back, but turned back at the 50min point. Came back down the hill about 5mins quicker than when I went up. Had a nice climb of about 150m over 2km coming back and took a little detour down a fire trail before getting myself scared that I'd get lost out in the bush! Got back to the car in about 1:40 so turned around and headed back for another 25minutes.

Good to hit some decent hills for a change. No traffic, no other runners! Ran in the Lunars which seemed fine mostly. Few blisters, but nothing major. Saw a nice burning, bright orange sunrise through the trees, but then the weather just settled into an overcast humid morning. Some nice views out over the National Park which stretches on and on.

View out over the valley