Thursday, December 15, 2011

8km Hike

Avg Pace: 12:46min/km

Looking back towards our place in Pangyo

Great hike now that I know how to get to the mountain trail with minimum fuss. Turns out we are only about 200m from where it starts. Its 4k of uphill to get to an elevation of 540m at the peak.


I wore my HR monitor and it was interesting to see my heart rate climb right up to 170 - 180 during some of the steeper sections. Managed to jog here and there and the shin felt ok. Its a great climb up that seems to keep on going and going. Just under an hour to cover 4k with a few photo stops.

I was mostly sheltered for the first 3k and was only waering a long sleeve top and trackpants. When I hit the first ridge a crazy cold wind hit hard and I had to get the gore tex North Face jacket out. The ambient temperature was just below zero I think and the windchill must have been at least -10. Ears and nose took the brunt.

Once I finally hit the peak it was an amazingly great view out over some of the city that is about a 30 minute drive from where we live. Mountains all over the place and buildings. Hard to describe how cool it was and unexpected too. I took a few photos but the cold shut the iphone off and seemes to have deleted those pics. Below is the rock at the peak, not sure what it says, but it noted that I was at 540m.

The peak. Looking towards Anyang.
Coming back down I took a turn downhill which I assumed would take me to the point where I was trying to get in before. It was a pretty steep ascent and I half jogged it and could feel my quads getting hammered. Nice thing was getting to go through some pine forest whereas most of the mountain is bare now due to winter.

Pine forest

Turns out I was about 50m from finding the entry point the day before, but then its a 2k road walk back to the house. There's another peak which is apparently a bit higher nearby, so hopefully one day I will be able to hit both peaks in the one hike soon.