Saturday, December 17, 2011

4km Hike

Avg Pace: 12:30min/km

Much more urban (a fair bit of sealed trail) but with one very steep section on one side of the mountain made for some tough going on the quads going down and the heart rate when going up. Went over the mountain twice for good measure. No where near as exciting as the mountain here, but still good to get out and get some exercise. Had a nice view out over the suburbs at the peak.

Looking over the suburb where my sister in laws family live
Did nine pull ups (5 + 4) and four chin ups. Did 2 x 15 elevated push ups, 2 x 15 incline sit ups and 1 x 5 dips on paralettes. They had a cool little free gym in a plastic shed half way up the hill which I didn't use but had free weights and benches plus a squat rack I think.

Quads are hammered from friday, shin pulled up a bit sore as well. Still doesn't feel like what I would imagine a stressie would feel like though.

The gym is in that structure that looks like a greenhouse. The concrete
in front is torture on the feet but apparently good for you. Don't know
what the tyres are used for.