Sunday, December 18, 2011

3km Jog

Avg Pace: 7:09min/km

Well, what can I say - first "run" since being told I had a suspected stress fracture. Will see how I pull up, but there wasn't any discomfort during. I figure at that pace it probably can't be that much worse than walking. There's still some muscular ache in the upper part of my anterior tibialis from the last week. It was pretty cold and I didn't take my gloves stupidly, the gore tex kept me warm enough but my hands were very cold. I ran beside the stream here and parts of it are beginning to covered with ice which is pretty cool.

Finished off with 2 x 25 sit ups on the bench and 2 x 15 elevated push ups.

Brings me up to a grand total of 22k on the feet for the week (4hr15 and 1139m of elevation). That's a substantial increase on the level of activity over the past month.