Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6km Hike

Avg Pace: 12:00min/km

Walk around the neighbourhood trying to find the access point to get up into the bigger of the mountains near here, but was unsuccessful finding what I wanted. Put my HR strap on top of my bag so I 'wouldn't forget' and of course forgot to put it on. Walked around 25mins with it on my bag before it must have fallen off. Because I couldn't find the track I walked back the same route and luckily found the strap lying there.. Jeesus...

I did however (eventually) find an entry point which I'll be able to use tomorrow. Went up to about 270m of which 140m elevation was covered in about 600m. On the maps it says the bigger peaks are at around 545m.

View looking back towards Unjung, Pangyo

When I got to the highest point I heard this strange 'shhhhhh' sound on all the leaves on the forest floor, at first I thought it was rain but then noticed some tiny grains of snow on my bag. Pretty cool. Temperature was around zero degrees celsius. Good views back over the town one direction and views over mountains the other.

Tiny snow

Finished up with 2 x 15 sit ups in the fitness area downstairs and some bodyweight leg presses.

The orange shirt