Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3km Hike + 2km Run

3.77 km
Avg Pace: 20:33min/km

A very easy going walk in the hills. Went with my wife (her first time) and walked to her level of fitness. Still, found another way into the south mountains as I couldn't remember how I got up that way the other day. Probably best I took it really easy, I'm starting to get a little over excited and my shin feels a touch sore. I really can't place what's causing the pain though. I might go see an acupuncturist here and see what happens. The KT tape seems to help a little so I will reapply that too. There's no specific area of pain, sometimes its high in the anterior tib and other times lower, and its not pain as such anyway, more just a dull soreness.

Looking out over Pangyo and further to Bundang.

2.67 km
Avg Pace:5:40 min/km
Avg Temperature:-3.0 °C

First real run at a normal pace.  Took a walking break at 5mins for about 200m. Around 5:10 pace, probably a bit faster than I should have but anyway - that's always the story. Hard to guage actual pace because looking at the garmin map it looks like its done something very wierd at the beginning. Should start/stop in same area. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

Finished with 2 x 40 sit ups, 2 x 20 push ups.