Friday, December 23, 2011

14km Hike

Avg Pace: 13:38min/km

Longest trip up the mountains so far. Hit the three peaks (540m, 545m and 596m) that I've been eyeing off on the maps and one smaller one at the beginning of the hike.

Ice covered stairs. Frightening.

A tiny little bit of snow on the trail.
View from the first peak where I'd been last week and the phone shut down.
Apparently a bear escaped from a local zoo here in 2010.
 They caught it.

Second peak. Had only seen two people the whole way up
and then there was a crowd of koreans that had set up what looked like some kind of small shop.
I think they came up from the other side of the mountains. God knows who has
to carry the tables and teapots up.
Just before the third peak. This doesn't look so bad here. I wasn't prepared to go up
this way and even less prepared to come down this way. I found an easier way up.

View from the top

Good hike, great views, cold weather (-10c to -3c), a bit of snow around the place. Rolled my ankle on a rock somewhere just after the first peak and landed on my knees and took a bit of skin off my left palm. Luckily didn't hurt my ankle cos it would have been a long walk back.

Bought some NB Trail Minimus yesterday but am yet to take them out. Still had the KT tape on from the other day and shin felt relatively good. Jogged where I could and jogged last km home on concrete.