Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4km Jog

Avg Pace: 7:14min/km
Avg HR: 155

Jogged the whole way (except for some of the sharper hills when my HR was hitting 179). Was intending just to do an 'asian' style jog at 7 min k's on the flat by the river but felt a) that I was not going to be able to restrain myself at that pace and b) that I probably shouldn't be on concrete for too long, so decided to take a short trip into the little mountain here.

Bought a roll of Kinesio Tape and am playing with that on the left shin as it pulled up with some soreness again. Felt pretty good, will see how I pull up afterwards. Also used my Adios which is such a nice shoe compared to my Nike Lunar Glides.

Finished with 2 x 25 sit ups, 2 x 15 push ups (actual push ups)

It snowed about 10mins after I came inside.