Thursday, December 29, 2011

16km Hike

Avg Pace: 10:10min/km

A little bit of a failure in that I spent a good proportion of today on the roads. About 11k which is much more than I would like. Was exploring a new area and saw a hiker coming the opposite direction head down a road, so when I came back through I thought I'd see where it went, thought it may have connected to another trail, but instead just took me through some semi-rural area.

The positives are that I now now a few different trails and I will be able to explore that area more next week. I can see on the maps that there is are two peaks, 548m and a 567m, that I want to try and reach. I can also potentially see where the trails behind us might link with those - but I'm not 100% on that. Another positive was that I was able to jog a reasonable amount, but the minimus on road, wearing a backpack and me being wary of hurting something kept the pace pretty low.