Sunday, December 25, 2011

6km Christmas Hike

Avg Pace: 11:46min/km

Merry Christmas. Took the new Minimus out on the trail and was very pleased with them. So much grip on the dirt it makes it so much easier to climb and descend.

New Balance Trail Minimus first 'run'
 Actually went out with the intention of hitting the trail with some more intensity. Also not stopping for as many photos and knowing where I'm going helps. Took a right turn instead of a left and started to make a descent northwards. Not sure where that goes exactly, but I'm sure I'll find out someday.
Another day, another view
Again, tried to run a bit where I could but am wary of the shin. It's a little achey again. Finished with a couple of pull ups and dips, 2 x 30 sit ups, 2 x 20 push ups.

Weeks totals: 29.24km/6:03:17 time on feet.