Wednesday, December 19, 2012

16km Cycle

Distance:16.01 km
Avg Speed:25.4 km/h
Elevation Gain:188 m

Better get accustomed to the bike. Looks like I might not be running for a while again.

Saw Noreen at Penrith Physio , decided to go somewhere kind of close as I may as well try and find somewhere close cos I'll be going regularly I suspect. She thinks it's most likely to be a stress fracture and is concerned its the tibial plateau, high up near the knee which will mean a boot. If its lower down it might be an air cast. It could possibly be compartment syndrome but I think that's unlikely. Otherwise I guess it could be some gnarly muscle issues. She's trying to book me in to see Dr Southern, the former Panthers team doctor, who is apparently on the money with sports injuries.

When she assessed my gait she pointed out a pronounced internal rotation of the left tibia when I walk. I reckon its always like that, but I also think its more pronounced because of how shithouse my post tib is.

I will definitely dish out the money for an MRI if needed this time, otherwise it completely fucks with my mental state not knowing a solid diagnosis. Twice is too much.

It's only been 2 mths since coming back from the last stressie, so need to think about how to get the training, strength, nutrition all to come together. I'm think Gold Coast marathon might be dropped and target a fast(ish) time at Melbourne instead. Have an entry for Sydney already paid for so that might work as a long training run prior? Have to get this all this other junk, including the haematuria, sorted first.

Oh, and I picked up a cold last week and put on a kilogram from the vast amounts of junk food consumed on the Gold Coast.

Sounds like I'm a massive pussy eh.

On a positive note, my garmin seems to be working again after a hard reset and I got my uni marks back which were pretty solid.