Wednesday, May 4, 2011

8 x 400m Intervals

8 x 400m Intervals with 3min recovery

1:21 (3:22min/km)
1:22 (3:26min/km)
1:24 (3:30min/km)
1:24 (3:30min/km)
1:26 (3:36min/km)
1:25 (3:32min/km)
1:28 (3:41min/km)
1:28 (3:41min/km)

Solid session. Much quicker than anticipated as my target pace should be around 4:03min/km. Fitness wise I wasn't pushing way too hard, probably a bit too hard as I slowed towards the end. Wore the Piranhas and had issues with the calves (again). Ice etc.

Good time on a freshly mown and marked track. 9.5km on the garmin (plus 400m I did before starting the watch)