Tuesday, May 3, 2011

13km Base Run

Avg Pace: 4:56min/km
Max HR: 167 (90%)
Avg HR: 155 (84%)

Weird day today. Headed out at 730 and got about 500m before aborting due to the pain on top of my foot being too much. Same symptom as Friday. Stretched the calves for about 4min each side before coming in. Basically decided I needed to see the physio today so got booked in.

A bit later after reading about laces being too tight I re-laced the shoes in the Lydiard way and rolled some of the muscles in the front of the shin. Wanted to see if it felt any better so grabbed the Garmin (as I haven't had a proper chance to play with it) and the HR monitor (as I haven't used it yet) and proceeded to do a lap of the block. Felt pretty good so just kept on going! Had some shin tightness, of course on the shin I hadn't rolled, so stopped for a minute to stretch the calf at about 4.5km. Again going a bit fast for a base run, mostly felt comfortable. There's something irresistible about seeing the pace and trying to get it up. Looking forward to tomorrows intervals with the garmin already programmed to go!

Went and got calves and glutes released, even get some needles on the left calf.

Actually did a tiny bit of strength work too. Deadlifts with a 20kg kettlebell in one hand (40 reps total) Glute band work and first day of the 100 push ups program to try and regain some upper body/core strength - 45 push ups total.