Friday, May 27, 2011

23km Endurance Run

Avg Pace: 5:02min/km
Avg HR: 151 (82%)
Max HR: 172 (93%)

Good run on a beautiful morning. Two laps of the Bay plus Lilyfield Rd hill. Pace was pretty good, not too hard. My legs were starting to get a bit fatigued towards the end as this was my first long run since Mt Solitary (nearly a month). Had two pee stops. Had a gel at about 50min mark.

Only a tiny bit off my half marathon pace at Blackmores last year yet considerably easier - so I feel like the training over the last six months is actually having an effect which is nice to see.

Had magnesium supplement and dextrose post run, legs elevated for a few minutes, cold bath, big breakfast of eggs, bacon and potato. Hopefully don't pull up too sore tomorrow.