Tuesday, March 15, 2011

8.5km Base Run + Bounds + High Knees

Avg Pace: 5:37min/km
Avg HR: 155 (82%)
Max HR: 162 (86%)

2 x 20sec Bounding
2 x 20sec High Knees

1km Cool down jog

First day following Matt Fitzgerald's "Brain Training for Runners" marathon plan. I've jumped in at week 5. Its a good book that goes into mechanisms of fatigue and how the brain regulates that as opposed to the 'catastrophe' theory which says fatigue occurs because the muscle basically shuts itself down because of a build up of lactic acid. My explanation is terrible.

I like his method because it lays out a good mix of intensities; base, speed, tempo, as well as drills, cross training days and resistance work. It also sets out clear phases: base, build 1, build 2 and peak.

I've ordered two new pairs of shoes finally. Adidas Adios and Nike Lunarfly's. Fingers crossed.