Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4km Recovery

Avg Pace: 5:38min/km
Avg HR: 135 (73% max)

Tried to run at less than 75% HR as per Pfitzinger's recommendation in 'Road Racing for Serious Runners' which I picked up from the library the other day. Left calf still annoying, seems to be the story of the year.

Took out the old Asics Piranha's. Ever since I saw Keith running in them last week I've been thinking about running in them again, they are so light (130g) but there is virtually nothing underfoot and I didn't like the feel at all. So - that experiment is done. I still like the idea of having less heel, but right now the Adios are pretty much perfect. I was thinking of going minimal - like an Innov8 f-lite, but it's probably not for me as much as I might wish it was.

Apparently there is an Adios 2 coming out January 2012 and also a lower drop show called the Adizero Hagio  which looks awesome. Adidas also has the Feather which would be nice to have a run in as well. Similiar 11mm drop to the Adios but about 30g lighter. Not sure how much difference that makes though.

Decisions, decisions.