Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Recording my runs here has become as sporadic as actually doing them.

A poorly sleeping baby, some illness and a difficult work schedule means I am de-conditioned and weighing in more than ever before. Two months ago things were looking promising, now I am back to basics.

Have had huge gaps between runs.

12/11 - 6km Aerobic Base  |  6.46km/35:03/5:26

16/11 - 6km Aerobic Base  |  6.01km/34:19/5:42

17/11 - 5km Slow  |  4.51km/29.49/6:36 (issue with garmin, missed 500m)

18/11 - 9km Aerobic Base  | 9.02km/44:31/4:46

24/11 - 6km Recovery  | 6.20km/36:00/5:48

I'm guessing eventually things will settle and I will be able to get back into things. I miss the long 2hr runs where it felt easy and I felt fit.