Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 Canberra Marathon

2:57:15 (4:12)
302m gain

Just under 1km out and in a world of pain

Not executed quite the way I would have liked, but ended up with the result I wanted. knew I was going too fast when I went through 5km in 20mins, kept telling myself that I needed to slow down but things felt very easy. Developed some pain in my right foot at about 9km and wasn't sure if I'd tied my shoe up too tight or what was going on, it stayed with me but luckily enough didn't get any worse although it doesn't feel great a day after. got passed by two guys here, one who I heard breathing like he was running a 10k, and another who seemed alright - both of whom I ended up catching and passing.

Very strange to be running virtually alone with just one of those guys about 200m in front. Went through 20km about 2mins up on where I had planned to be. By 22km I knew I was going to be in a bit of trouble in the back end, my quads had that tight feeling coming on, and my foot continued to be sore, but easy enough to ignore.

At 30km I was still on a good pace, but it started going backwards after that. I knew there were hills in that last 10km, and really there's not too much too them, but after a solid 2hr run at a reasonable pace, they stung. The one at 31km slowed me down a bit and there's a bit of twisting as well after that where you do a sort of hairpin and head uphill, before heading down in to Weston Park, coming back after that turnaround between 35-36km I really started to feel the pinch, and then hit a brutal little hill at 38km I think, where I just struggled to hold 4:30 pace.

Got passed by two people here, one guy just flew past me and looked like he was at 4min pace, and another guy just pushed along. I couldn't hang on to him.

The worst part of the race was when I'd seen the 40km marker, but never saw a 41km marker. I just had no real idea how much longer I had to go, wasn't sure how far out my garmin was and then merged into the half marathon runners.

Absolutely shattered at the end and almost had a bit of a cry. I think it was mostly relief. Am happy now.

Have had the best stretch training I've ever done in the lead up to this, have managed to train through night shifts and some shitty rosters.


Daniels 4 week cycle, 18 week plan - taper based on Pfitzinger

16k w/14k MP, 30k (97)
5k T + 3x3min Hard + 8x200, 30k (91)
20k w/13k MP (90k)
23k (79) - injury scare this week, cut short the long run.
5k T + 3k T +8x200 + 2x1600m, 26k (78)
8x10sec hills, 28k (82)
8x10sec hills, 3x1600 + 3x1000 4x400, 30 w/18k MP (87)
2x3k T + 4x200, 5k T + 3k T + 2x400 + 2x1600 + 4x200 (83)
32k (72)
3x1600 + 4x3min + 6x200, 5k parkrun, 30k (95)
30k w/22k MP (89)
3x3k T +2k T, 5k T + 3k T +2x400 + 2x1600m, 4x200, 20k (84)
8x10sec hills, 30k (91)
2x5k T + 3k T + 4x3min Hard + 8x200, 35k (97)
8x10sec hills, 10k MP + 6k MP, 32k w/27k MP (90)
6x1k, 10k T, 27k (91)
8x10sec sprints, 3x1600, 21k (66)
9k w/4k MP, Canberra Marathon (77)