Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Rounding out the year with a minor injury. A fairly eventful year: moved house at the end of 2013, started full time nursing, have a baby on the way for next year and training.

I got another stress reaction back in mid-march just as I started work, so only ran a total of 60k over 2 mths I think. Swum more than I have in years, but still not that regularly. Cycling is way down on previous years, but the running is up by a fair bit - they coincide. Strength work was basically zero. Just random bits here and there, but nothing worth logging.

Got PR's across everything except the marathon because I was a DNS.

5km: 18:16 (18:08 on the track solo garmin)
10km: 38:28
City2Surf 14k: 57:06
21.1km: 83:23

Would really like to get that sub 3hr marathon in 2015, aiming at Canberra in April, but depends on the body and the arrival of the bub. Otherwise the usual push into the next time brackets - sub 18 5k, sub 38 10k, sub 83 21.1k.


Running: 3001.98km (254:17:04)

Cycling: 420.48km (19:45:08)

Swimming: 27.30km (9:01:33)

Hiking: 17:09km (4:56:33) (All done with my in-laws who were over from Korea)