Friday, February 14, 2014

8km Recovery + 36km Cycle

Distance:8.10 km
Avg Pace:5:32 min/km
Elevation Gain:90 m

Easy run with 5 sprints thrown in. Hit around 2:40min/km pace on a few of them with the fastest recording 2:32. Its just nice to see that my legs can actually go under the 3min mark. Feels completely different though, much more stiffness in the muscles to generate power. Normal relaxed strides probably only go to about 3:20 pace. Don't have any acceleration, so it takes me 100m before I hit that pace.

Left calf/post tib a bit tight again. Right pretty much normal.

Distance:36.20 km
Avg Speed:23.6 km/h
Elevation Gain:647 m

Went a touch longer than planned. Lots of ups and downs. Great quality road.

West Head. What a god damn view!