Sunday, October 13, 2013

Melbourne Marathon

Distance:42.20 km
Avg Pace:4:31 min/km
Elevation Gain:319 m

Had hoped to go sub 3:10 - but last three or so km I didn't dig deep enough.

Great course (pretty flat), perfect running conditions, just a slight wind coming back up St Kilda Rd.

Am very happy that I made it to the start line considering I just came back to running following the stress fracture 3 mths ago. Was a pretty easy 12 week plan, a lot of easy running.

I felt unprepared because I have not been able to hit 4:30's in any long runs for any considerable length of time during training. its actually amazing what running in an event can do.

I tried to organise the training so that instead of tempo runs during the week - I'd have a tempo interval session one week, and the following week would have a long MP section during the long run - but that never really eventuated.

Weekly Volume post stress fracture (from 01/07):

54 (22k)
61 (25k)
56 (4x1000 + City2Surf - 59:19PB)
81 (3x2000 + 28k)
85 (6x1000 + 32k)
75 (29k @ 4:30)
82 (10k tempo @ 4:07 + 32k)
57 (two days sick) (6x800 + 28k)
64 (Blackmores Half 88:27PB)
92 (2x6x400 + 34k)
61 (3x2000 + 20k)
71 (4x1000 + Melbourne Marathon 3:10:03PB)

Thats an average of 70km per week over twelve weeks (take out the first three weeks post injury). Most of this was easy running too, no wonder I felt underdone. I've listed the workouts and the long runs done each week.

So this training was all about mitigating injury and getting to the start line, whilst still being prepared to hit the distance. The 4000+km run since the last marathon makes a difference too - as did the 2 mth block of hard Tiger training which saw me get fit fast. the big 'what if' is, what if I didn't get injured and kept training hard?

PB by a touch over 21mins.

I actually really enjoyed the run, was tight but felt strong right up until the 3:10 pacers passed me - I thought I was a few minutes in front of them - they must have dropped time because they went flying past and I couldn't hang on. But it was far less painful than Sydney 2011. The marathon is a beast!

Fun day

Inside the MCG