Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 x (6x400m w/1min rec)

91.3, 88.4, 88.1, 87.2, 88.0, 87.0

82.6, 85.6, 86.4, 85.6, 85.3, 82.1

I enjoy this kind of session. Bit tired, late night/early-ish morning, busy afternoon at work. Knee was shit when I woke up, got the tape on and rolled the adductor and medial quads - seemed to feel better. Tried to hold a pace that was 'comfortably hard' not vomit worthy. First rep was messed up cos I pressed a wrong button.

Have been disturbed by the Boston explosions like everyone else. Fucking shit.

Jeff Hunt came 8th in 2:14:xx (I think) which is fucking awesome. Top ten at Boston.

Wet day at the track