Tuesday, April 23, 2013

19km Medium Long

Distance:19.02 km
Avg Pace:5:11 min/km
Elevation Gain:435 m

Headed up to Mt Lagoon along the fire trails. A little over 30mins drive (google maps says its 48mins on the dirt). I feel somewhat apprehensive about trail running. I find it difficult to get a good rhythm, and I never feel particularly relaxed - especially when the trees start to form a tunnel type effect.

Legs felt pretty fatigued from the weekend, plus a fairly long night standing up at work last night - which is why I decided to go slow and on dirt.

This run starts in the 'village' where its all autumn leaves before you out into the national park. It has some really nice ferny sections but then closes in (its still 4wd width). Not too rocky, bit sandy in sections. The highlight though is at the end of the trail where the T3 walking track begins. Absolutely amazing lookout over the Wollemi wilderness. Looking on the map it is only 50km to Glen Davis as the crow flies from this point (although I thought it said 80km on the sign). Not somewhere I'd be in a hurry to get up to again though.

Right knee seems to be getting much better since massage on friday. Calves pulled up pretty tight after Sunday.

Autumn up the Mountain - Sams Way. 
I didn't take this - found it on the web from someone
else who'd been there. Pic doesn't do it justice.